Hi! Story behind my brand Éin:

I have always loved fashion and I started sewing at a young age with my grandma. Me and my friend started our own ”fashion magazine” when we were 12 and it was called Éin Style. I didn’t know what that meant but my friend told me it was a cool name. Unfortunately our moms didn’t like the idea of us sharing our magazines to the whole neighborhood but we made 5 unique Éin Style numbers and I still have them at home. That’s why this brand is called Éin. I googleded it and it means birds in Irish. 

The idea of this brand was born in March 2019 when I started sewing clothes from old jeans. This summer 2020 I’m finally ready to make my life long dream come true. I graduated from Helsinki Design School Fashion Designer studies in summer 2019. 

I can't describe my style in one word. I have different "style moods" everyday. I love to compound something a bit weird to my outfits that stands out. I also want my style to be more sustainable. That's why I wanted to create cool sustainable clothing that stands out from your outfit.

I create every Éin piece in Helsinki, Finland.

You can see more on my instagram: @einbysara