Story behind Éin:

Hi <3 My name is Sara Haapakoski and I created Éin in 2020. I live in beautiful Finland and find my inspiration in Finnish nature.

I started sewing at a very young age with my grandma. Me and my friend started our own ”fashion magazine” when we were 12 called Éin Style and it was filled with hot trends and fashion tips. Unfortunately our moms didn’t like the idea of us sharing our magazines to the whole neighbourhood but we made 5 unique Éin Style numbers and I still have them at home. That’s why this brand is called Éin. It means birds in Irish. 

The idea for this brand was born in March 2019 when I started sewing clothes from old jeans. In the summer 2020 I was finally ready to make my life long dream come true and started to educate myself about building your own brand, sustainability in fashion and sewing techniques. I made a few simple pieces first and opened this website. 

As I already mentioned, I find my inspiration in nature. Delicate details are always present in my designs. I hope to create something that you can use to express yourself and feel confident wearing. 

You can see more on my instagram: @einbysara